Land/Water Mapping Service

Identify and classify land and water types and boundaries.

Land/Water Mapping Service

Whether you are tracking urban growth or compiling a wetlands inventory for environmental or development purposes, our leading-edge algorithms can classify with 90% accuracy the part of the planet you wish to map.

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Extensive Land/Water Classification Types

Our service supports a diverse set of classifications. View our demo to see if this service covers your land or water classification requirements.

Machine-learning-based Wetland Classification 

LOOKNorth Services uses market-leading machine-learning-based classification. The overall classification accuracies of wetland and non-wetland classes ranged from 86% to 96% across all pilot sites, confirming the robustness of the methodology regardless of the biological, ecological and geographical differences among the study areas.

Detailed Analysis Tools

Our spatial database can be intelligently queried to give planners and environmental assessors quantitative data that can be used to track changes in land classification historically.

Getting Even Higher Accuracy

If you demand even higher accuracy, we are experienced in ascertaining classification through field data collection and in using field data to calibrate and enhance our machine learning algorithms for your specific area of interest.