Come Visit Us At International Pipeline Expo !

June 13, 2018

LOOKNorth Services provides up to daily monitoring of 1000’sof km of pipeline using satellites.

Come and visit us at IPE 2018 in Calgary to learn more about how our services can monitor things like vegetation and 3rd party encroachment for as little as $5 per km.  We provide quantifiable change analysis that is saved permanently for audit and compliance purposes, and can also be used for proactive monitoring of pipeline threats.

You can also visit our pipelines service descriptions by visiting and trying out our demo by clicking on the demo button and selecting class change location services.

Look forward to our conversation and input!

I have free passes as well for expo so send along an email to: and I can get that to you before the show.


Chris Hardy
Product Manager

Chris leads our product team and works closely with customers and developers to derive insights from remote sensing data to provide insights for different markets.