Phi-Week at ESA

June 13, 2018
We are looking forward to attending this years ESA Phi-Week ( which is describe by ESA as :

"An  event focusing on EO Open Science  and FutureEO - to review the latest developments in Open Science trends and kick-start innovative activities of the recently created Φ-department looking at FutureEO, and its associated Φ-lab aiming to identify, support and scale bold EO ideas."

For those interested, its too late to join in person due to overwhelming response but fear not as the event is going to be livestreamed and you can find out information on agenda and how to watch on this following page.

Satellite data are becoming increasingly important to monitor and understand our planet and create new business opportunities for the new generation of data and digital entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to interacting with emerging space investors, tech leaders, start-ups and entrepreneurs with the space scientists and Earth observation researchers who are developing the potential space business ideas of tomorrow.

#PhiWeek #OpenScience #FutureEO

Chris Hardy
Product Manager

Chris leads our product team and works closely with customers and developers to derive insights from remote sensing data to provide insights for different markets.